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Email Network

The ACPNL Email Network provides an informal way to ask for and/or provide help, advice or information. There are currently about 28 members of the network.

Questions asked include things such as "Can anyone recommend a therapist who works with teenagers in the Barnet area?" and “How do you respond when a client doesn't turn up and you hear nothing from them?" or "Can anyone recommend a course about anorexia?".

Anyone who is a member of the ACPNL can join. Just let Pam Laurance know ( and she will add you to her list, give you the email addresses of the others on the list, and let everyone else on the list know so they can add your name to their list.

Please note:

1) Comments made via this network are the individual responsibility of the writer of the email - not of the email group and not of the ACPNL as a body.

2) If you write about a client please ensure that you give absolutely no information that could identify them.

3) Most people do not want their e-mail address given to clients.

4) We agreed that when we use this way of communicating we would put “ACPNL e-mail network” in the subject line of the email. This in order for people to be able to identify these e-mails easily…Some of us, including me, (Pam) forget to do this sometimes.

5) Membership of this email network is only open to people who are currently members of the ACPNL.

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