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Towards an existential understanding of human development by Martin Adams

29 October 2017
This workshop will consider human development through the whole lifespan from birth through to death from an existential perspective. It is an opportunity for practitioners to incorporate an understanding of development from an existential perspective into their work.

In this workshop, we will consider how an existential theory of human development is different from pre-existing theories and will argue that an existential understanding of human development is necessary for the therapist to better understand the issues that their clients are engaging with.

We will look at how an existential model of human development can incorporate the primacy of time, death, freedom and the lived body into the existential task of living with meaning and purpose from birth through to death. Some suggestions will be made about implications of such knowledge for therapeutic practice.

This workshop will be run as a seminar. It will combine formal lecture input with participatory exercises and open discussion. These will necessarily draw on the participants personal and therapeutic experience and are designed to help participants develop their ideas about what human development may mean existentially and to consider how it might shed light on working with their clients.

Our workshop events cost £30 for members and £45 for non-members.

Stephens House
Sharon Silver-Myer -

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